Leave a bequest

Why make a bequest?

One very practical way of helping us is by structuring your estate planning so that you include a bequest to Warrina Homes in your Will.

If you take the generous decision to make a bequest to Warrina Homes, you will be helping us to not only deliver individualised care to over 300 residents each year, but also ensure a person’s cultural, spiritual and physical needs are met, nurtured and valued, and their independence and lifestyle choices respected.

Your monetary gift or specific assets will be invested and secured immediately.

These long-term and independent funds will help Warrina Homes expand and prosper for the benefit of older South Australians today and in the future – thanks to your generosity and the generosity of like-minded people.

We strongly recommend that you seek independent legal advice before making or changing your Will, and before choosing executors to administer your Estate.

Why do Warrina Homes need bequests?

While the Government provides a level of funding to Warrina Homes, this support does not cover all of the costs required to provide the best level of care. This includes:

• Building upgrades of residential facilities

• Client quality of life programs and activities

• Building of new facilities and services where they are most needed

To find out more

If you would like to know more about Warrina Homes or becoming a bequestor, please call our Administration on 8336 4411 or email enquiries@warrinahomes.com.au.

We would be happy to give you more information to help you with planning and updating your Will.

We would like to thank you personally

If you have decided to include Warrina Homes in your Will, please phone our Administration to let us know, so that we can personally thank you. The names of all bequestors can be kept in confidence, as are any details that you make available to us.

By investing in the future of Warrina Homes, you are offering us an eternal gift that will grow and develop each year.

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